We know 2020 hasn’t been a great year for all of us. We are based in India where the lockdown was announced on 25th March.

For quite sometime, we had been thinking about organizing our collective love for art, travel, history, maps, postcards and quizzes – all in one place. So on the day the lockdown began in India, we had a mini Eureka! moment…and decided to make one artwork. Everyday.

The artwork is usually day-specific and includes a fun quiz, with one randomly-chosen correct answer getting a specially designed postcard by snailmail!

One look at our posts and you will realize the amount of research that goes in to making it. Moreover, we’re constantly innovating and evolving. We never thought we’d pull on for so long, but here we are, and now it’s less of an experiment and more of a movement for us.

Do check out our work at instagram.com/atlaskeeda and share with people who you think will enjoy what we do 🙂